Tuesday, January 29, 2008

snow snow snow

So we got LOTS of snow - still coming down. Can't get out with any of our vehicles except the Dodge Ram so I have been home since Sunday. When I took the Dodge to church for the fabulous bells; surprisingly ALL my ringers showed up! They sounded great. And my boss gave me her comp tix for that afternoon to the Big Symphony. They were playing Shostakovich V!!!! And they are in a new hall since just before Christmas and we haven't been there. It was AMAZING - beautifully restored and the sound is incredible. The orchestra blew me away. I was so glad to be there, and it was fun because the Mysterious G (my oboe coach) was playing the first piece (something new 8 min long - I wasn't wildly impressed) and he sat with us during the Shostakovich. We actually played it last year - a great experience but in a different league!


pattyoboe@mac.com said...

So who is the "Big Symphony"? Just curious!

Anonymous said...

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