Sunday, May 25, 2008

church musicians

So if I don't have to play in church, am I bad for not going? I feel kind of bad that I'm not, especially since I won't be there next week either. And HB is leaving in about 6 weeks...and so begins the death of true music at the church. *sigh* Hopefully I am being overly pessimistic.

I have actually thought of looking for other church jobs, but so far these jobs have just come to me at whatever church we were attending. But if this becomes a rah rah praise tunes church, with lots of arm waving and lattes in the foyer (wait, that could be ok...) I don't know how I feel about it. Because there are already things I'm not that enthralled with, will this tip the balance? Speaking of which, have you read "the Balance Point"? Excellent book.

I realized I have to play for money in one week. On the oboe. So I really should get it in gear - a lot happening this week besides that, including a trip to the other side of the state and back (6 hours each way) for fabulous partying. And poor J still doesn't know if he can come or not. I'd feel bad but I think he really likes his job and all its weirdness. And it certainly pays better than mine!

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