Saturday, May 3, 2008

Firebird day

Yay - tonight is the concert! And I think it will go quite well (hope I don't jinx it) is so exciting to have all the other winds/brass come in. I think mostly the 3 harps is overkill, Igor just did it for his own kicks. They do have some of those runs where one starts then the next takes over and then the third, but I think you could do that with just two. But it is cool to see all three of them like big masts over by the basses.

I am worried about pitch in the Mendelssohn (double pno conc) mostly with the other oboe. We have some stuff in thirds and octaves and it just isn't jelling, but she did get a new reed yesterday so maybe it will be better tonight. I don't want to be a pain, but I do want us to sound good together! Although she hasn't played much for many years, she does have a masters from a far better school than I. I guess I'm kind of intimidated about telling her she is playing out of tune, cuz it seems like surely she knows that - but then one would expect she would do something about it, wouldn't one? *sigh* And it's not like I am always perfect or anything. She is really nice and fun to sit next to, and the 3rd oboe and EH players are great!

Today is also dress for the college concert, that should be fun. I think D and Jim will go, it is all fluffy pieces, including movie music with slides (oh boy!) I guess I'm getting a little jaded about the whole visual extras for concerts - but the audience purportedly loves it. I wonder how they decide that, are there exit polls?

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