Sunday, May 4, 2008

It was amazing!

Ok, usually I never think I did very well in concerts, but tonight I was, not perfect, but really happy with ALL the solos. And there were lots - three biggies in the world premier (John Williams-like), and sort of continual solos in the Firebird - especially the slow mvts. We didn't do the usual suite, this is the 1910 version which is pulled directly from the ballet. Anyway, the whole orchestra sounded really good! I was very excited. The double pno conc we were better in tune than ever before, not that it was great, but better. That piece was much harder to tune than the Stravinsky.

After the concert we went out and it was very fun, several of us from the orchestra were there so we could dissect the performance. It is a real drag that there are so few places to go after a concert - most places close by 10 (some even 9, and on weekends!!!!) I was feeling great. Too bad J wasn't there, but his friends B and P came. They have been many times but apparently this is the first time they noticed I was principal. Not because I played the solos or got a bow; but it was printed in the program. hehehe. We think we are so important and the audience has no clue who is playing what. Or at least most of the people.

Tomorrow morning I am kinda dreading church - last full bell choir performance (maybe ever?) and I'm playing an obbligato part with the choir (which I got today). That will all be fun, but it is so sad that H may be leaving and maybe us too. I really find the music is an important part of the whole church thing for me. But I'm trying to keep an open mind.

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