Friday, May 9, 2008


Last night we had our orchestra party - actually the best one we have had I think. My friend K had it at her house, they just had a new baby last week so I can't believe she did it but they seemed great about the whole thing. I think she was so relieved her in-laws went home anything else was a breeze! I brought J and D - they seemed to like it, especially J holding the baby as he is just silly about tiny babies. Cute.

Sunday (last) the bell choir played in church, perhaps for the last time. I don't know - I guess we are having a discussion meeting just of the music people (3) next week. Seems like the "management" of the church really wants to take the mission of the church a different way, that doesn't include us at all. We are welcome to continue with the old people service until they all die off. Gag.

Sunday evening I had the college orchestra concert where I was a ringer for 2nd oboe - very nice to be so relaxed! The film clips we accompanied on the 2nd half didn't work in the dress rehearsal right before - quite tense for a few minutes as they realized there was no backup disk. But I guess it was just smudged or something, because then it worked fine. My friend DH played the clarinet solo - hadn't realized she was still in town but she is a great player. Don't know why we don't use her for stuff, maybe because she is "too" good? Complicated. Hadn't seen her for maybe 10 years! Fun.

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