Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a serpenting we go

So I actually practiced today - it's been a while! And I found out I am playing the serpent (on which all prior experience has been messing around at the Xmas party for maybe 20 minutes) in church on Sunday. This is complicated by the fact that my mom's party is Friday night 6 hours away. I was PLANNING to stay there, but now I guess I'm coming back Saturday. At least I don't have to think about it.

But I have to play an instrument I can't actually play, in front of people. When did this sound like a good idea? There will be a real serpent-ist (?) also playing, but not the same line as I, hopefully the organ or something will double me. I was sort of surprised I was able to make a vaguely hymn-sounding noise on it. What a nightmare.

Also next week is Beet 6 in the schools (about 90 minutes away), this will be with maybe 10 musicians doing excerpts, and I assume we will talk about our instruments. Will probably be fun, but I only know the horn player (who is totally awesome and really fun to play with)

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