Monday, July 16, 2007

hot hot hot

It is finally cooling down, lovely 93 today! And some of the garden even survived. Not that much grows in our rocky soil. But yesterday was the sitzprobe and rehearsal for Putting it Together. Since it is almost chamber music - 5 cast members and 7 musicians; we just played everything together (instead of doing an orch rehearsal first). It was great - everyone is very talented and the cast is amazing. WISH (as always) we could see the stage, but yesterday was as good as it will ever be, with the cast sort of wandering around and marking their parts in the band room. Tuesday we'll be in the pit and we open Thursday. And the show is short - probably 2 hours will do it! That is good news for closing, when I do a 2pm show and then have to be at the sound check for the Fireworks concert at 6. I could do it even if the show were longer, but this will make things easier.

I am excited for Fireworks this year - I understand they are taking photos for the IDRS journal cover! We'll all be famous (at least momentarily among DR players, a huge population)

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