Monday, July 30, 2007


What a weekend! I am soooo glad it is over, everything went well. Great weather - fireworks were better than ever. Today I had a lesson and brought my former teacher's Laubin. We were able to adjust it pretty well, but some binding on the C# and a couple weird things - so I left it with local repair genius Peter. He is very busy right now, but I figure I wasn't using it anyway, might as well get it in line. I'm also having him replace all the bladder pads (I think there were 5 on the lower keys) with nice cork. Should be a lovely horn when it's done.

Anyone out there have Laubin experience?

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C.J. said...

I once read an interview with Paul Laubin stating how he HATED when repairmen take off all the bladder pads and replace them with cork pads. So if you do this, just don't plan on sending it back to Laubin. Ever. He might refuse to work on it.

When talking with Mr. Weber about a very old EH, he wrote me, "Many older instruments are best left with bladder pads where they were originally bladder. Changing bladder to cork can cause extra grief, and actually cause the instrument to loose suction! I'd suggest staying with what the factory used originally for each key. Only your overhauler would know best." Interesting that he recommends bladder pads for instruments which originally had bladder pads on it.

Best of wishes. I hope the horn turns out to be a dandy. Does it have a plastic sleeve inside?