Thursday, July 19, 2007

opening night

Well, I had typed up all the stuff I was worried about for tonight, and my computer crashed. *sigh* so you just get to hear what happened without all my pre-show concerns! Mostly it was great. The clarinet sub did a good job and he sounded great, although he said clarinet was not his main horn (sax). He plays really in tune and there were only a few places he was lost (not surprising) and they were all places that were covered. Vocals has a few blurps - but all was recovered without heroic measures, we skipped ahead twice but everyone stayed together. So it should be even better tomorrow. I really like this show, it is fun to play without huge blobs of dialog. We really don't have any time to read magazines or anything, which I prefer. AND the show is out in 2 hours!

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