Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It is getting really HOT here - supposed to be over 100 for a couple of days. Also found out today I will be playing Quiet City (big english horn/trumpet duet) with the orchestra in August! It will be outdoors, but that could be fun. We did it in February, but this time they will pay the orchestra :^) It is for a big arts festival, I'm kind of excited that I get to be a soloist (and apparently they won't need me for anything else - nice to only have the eh)

On Sunday we start rehearsals for the Sondheim, I tried to buy a dvd of it but the web page was all messed up and it wouldn't come soon enough, so I'm going to wing it. It doesn't look like it will be super exposed, but I like to be prepared. So now I just need to have reeds, and I guess I should practice hard in the heat! I have moved down to the basement, but it is still getting about 85 down there. I dream of central air. In grad school we used to practice just because of the a/c; we would hide in the bathrooms until security left at night and then sleep in the practice rooms when it was really awful. Fun times!

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