Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My neighbor's son is going to organ camp. Suddenly I was all depressed, thinnking about how he will learn all kinds of new things, and get all inspired, and I'll be doing laundry and cleaning the house. Of course it is not really that bad, and I'm starting rehearsals for a show on Sunday, but I'd really love to go to a seminar or something. And what does it say about me that I want this for myself and I haven't even signed D up for swimming lessons? I guess I just miss the days of "doing my own thing" without regard for how long it's been since I've stayed home a night, or if I can get a sitter for a few hours, or if I've cooked enough this week! Probably everyone would be happier if I could get rid of my inner "scorekeeper" and just do the things I really want without waiting to earn enough points to go to the Stacy Seminar (or whatever).

In other news, it is really hot and getting hotter! SO glad we don't live where it is humid.

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