Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chillin out

After my rant last week I am feeling much calmer. Still annoyed, but calmer. This week will be pretty insane with rehearsals/concerts, but I suppose I will live through it!

Tonight we have bells, and I am always a wreck trying to figure out who to put where. I was all excited because we had enough people to cover parts for our big piece (Wizards of Winter); but now one girl has basketball practice and my neighbor who plays father died last week, so she is in Arizona. Of course things come up, but none of them are good enough to sub for each other. It is just very concerning. Also, I have another 2 people showing up tonight who weren't here last week. I *could* put them on the two missing parts, but then they don't get to play for the concert (or whatever you call it when we play in church). That is a big problem. So I have to write out parts for people, and give them something to do! argh.

I have been very bad about playing the oboe. AND I must get the EH out, since I have huge moments in the Russian Xmas Music. But things have been crazy and I just haven't practiced.

On a funner note, the Mysterious G (my sometimes coach and reed supplier) has been growing his own oboe cane in the front yard - and this week he made his first reed! Apparently it looks greenish, because he didn't "sun" it for a year, but he said it plays great. So maybe aging the cane isn't all that important, what do I know? I guess if it plays...Now I need to get some cane and start growing!

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