Monday, November 19, 2007


A few days ago I realized I had written down the 1st dress rehearsal time wrong for College Orchestra (yes, there are two). Usually it is Saturday morning at 10, but this time it is at 2. The only thing they will rehearse is the Beet Pno Conc #5 (not exactly an oboe show-stopper). The problem is MY orchestra (the Little Orchestra, which I do actually get paid something for) has our concert that evening. I have a LOT to play. Since CO is having another dress on Sunday, AND we are rehearsing the Concerto again, as well as the other pieces, AND since I am totally volunteering to play, I wanted to miss the 1st dress.

Maestro K hires lots of ringers and has never offered to pay me, even though I come in to play EH for 2-3 concerts (just one rehearsal and the gig) each year. I must say I sound pretty great, and certainly am on par with the other paid people. So I am kind of annoyed that he actually argued with me about how HE has to play a BIG symphony gig (for which he gets full scale) that morning, and has other stuff after - AND he's a cellist for God's sake! He could doze off and no one would know because 10 other people are playing his exact part! Not that I'm dissing cellists - but honestly it is kind of a big difference from playing principal oboe. And I have at least 7 big solos (more than 10 bars) on oboe AND the huge solos on EH in the Russian Xmas Music. I just want time to focus, not be worried about the silly stuff we are doing for the college orch. Of course on Sunday I will give it my all for them, but seems like he could cut me some slack - especially since my baby (6) is going to bed an hour late every Monday just so I can do these dumb rehearsals.

That's the other thing - I could totally do this concert with one rehearsal, but I'm going to all the rehearsals because MK pleaded with me, that he needed an oboe for the group there every time...blah blah blah. I suggested some other people, but he wanted a strong player (I am such a sucker!) so I said I would do this one concert. Who knows what he will end up with next semester, as "new-mommy" oboist won't be back until fall. I was actually going to offer to come in and play the dress and concert if he paid me, (not every rehearsal!) but now I think I'm really done with this group. No real animosity, they are all nice people but the group plays at least a quarter step sharp - and I'm just tired of pulling the section along. Not that the Little Orchestra is fabulous, but they are MUCH better and I even get paid for my trouble! Rant rant rant. Sorry!

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