Friday, November 16, 2007

music in the night

Orchestra rehearsal last night was rather unorganized, it is too bad maestro K (with the college orchestra) isn't in charge of timing. Maestro D is a wonderful conductor, but his personality doesn't let him stay on schedule. *sigh*

Several interesting things happened though. We worked quite a bit on the jazz concerto, and it is really fun. Of course, there are lovely oboe solos (big) in 4 of the 6 movements. I hope people take it seriously as B (composer/pianist) wants to go faster in several places and we have just one more regular rehearsal and the dress, then the concert (3 days in a row). B actually went to school with Maestro D, M the clarinet and myself (a few years ago, like, 20). His wife was there too, a flute major, and she came last night! Haven't seen her since school. Fun fun fun.

Then we did the HORRIBLE Messiah (Prout version). If you aren't familiar, this is a baroque piece (old) written for baroque orchestra (in this case, 2 ob, bsn, 2 tpts, small string sections). The Prout version adds clarinets (didn't exsist then), flutes, a 2nd bassoon, horns, trumpets (which only play in 3 mvts of the original, etc, and M.D. has 10 cello/bass stands playing (instead of one). Then he wonders why it is bottom heavy!!!! Argh. We are only playing "But Who May Abide" (baritone solo) and "O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion". If you know that one, this version would kill you because the obbligato is in the flute and the oboes are tacet! And our wonderful flutist, sadly, has no idea how to play baroque music. Not that I'm an expert, but that was my teacher's specialty in grad school, so I at least know the style and how to play it without sucking.

Anyway, it was so awful M.D. told the flute not to play! And he said (we'll see) he would get a better version by next rehearsal. Whatever.

Then we played Lt. Kije - I HATE those arpeggios! I have played them a million times, but I guess I kind of freeze up in rehearsal and they come out jerkily (big solo Eb minor arpeggios up). I have no problem hitting the high Eb, and I have played them in front of people who make me nervous, guess I just have to play them more!

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