Monday, November 5, 2007

Today I took my Laubin back in because the C# was being sticky. The repairman was great - no charge and he spent a fair amount of time on it - works great now. I decided I need to be more proactive in my "lessons/coaching", today I really didn't have enough ready to go. I think I'd like to work on a solo, maybe I could play it for church or something.

I spent a ton of time at church today getting ready for bells. We only have one rehearsal and we play on Sunday, so I'm trying to make everything very easy and smooth. So I whited out the extra notes my bass bells can't cover, and added extra notes in the chords where possible because the arrangements are really lame. And I got the folders ready, and got things set up for the next week, when we are starting "Wizards of Winter" by the Transiberian Orchestra - you probably saw someone set their Xmas lights to this music and you can find it on YouTube.

Tonight I went to band for the first time this semester. I decided to "quit" so D could be in bed by 8; J still plays trumpet though. I did tell them I would play for the concert, and they are doing some pretty things, nothing remarkable. This is the only rehearsal I will be able to go to until the concert, because I'm subbing in the College Orchestra on Mondays. That was not part of my original plan, but D seems to be holding up ok, we just leave at the break (8:15). Kids really change things for musicians!

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