Tuesday, November 13, 2007

rehearsal time

Last night I went to College Orchestra, which I'm subbing in for a pregnant friend. In fact, she may no longer be pregnant, as her horn playing husband was not at rehearsal last night! Hopefully I will hear soon.

Anyway, this orchestra is not made up of stellar players, it is mostly college students supplemented with locals. There is no pay. But the conductor (who is a professional cellist) does a MARVELOUS job of organizing rehearsals. I wish every rehearsal I had was set up by him. He stays focused on what he wants to accomplish in the amount of time and actually gets it done! Most rehearsals (including ones I run) tend to run by the seat of one's pants, and you just hope to get to everything.

The rehearsal itself was not that great, principle flute was missing; and pitch (as always) was very ambiguous. My reed was kinda sucky, it started out ok but became more honky (not horrible, but not impressive) as the evening went on. The really annoying thing was on the drive home my husband called and said, where are you??? Of course I tell him I was at rehearsal, and why wasn't he at band? Turns out we had both forgotten it was Veteran's Day and there was no band. So he drove all the way out (about 40 minutes each way) and found a dark hall. I could have left our son with him at home instead of dragging him to 1/2 an orchestra rehearsal! Argh. And it was written on the calendar too. We are both just too busy.

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