Wednesday, November 7, 2007

hells bells bells bells

I am really frustrated right now about the bell choir. We have a room in the basement where we can leave tables set up during the week (although we have to tear down the room) which is nice because the tables are very heavy. But we play in the sanctuary once a month, so I have the rehearsal before we play in the sanctuary (like a dress rehearsal!). This is complicated by the fact that the elevator is not operational, so we have to haul everything upstairs, but once we have it up there we can leave it until Sunday (unless there is a wedding or something). But there is storage upstairs, so at least we don't have to go up and down.

SO! This week I found out "they" decided to put the kid's group in the sanctuary, forever! Why, because there is a projector in there. The place they were before was near the adult group and I guess the kids made too much noise. I know this isn't a big thing but this week we have only one rehearsal and we have to play in church! That is a stretch for my group, and it would be nice to actually practice in the space we will play. Also, next month is Advent season, and we are doing a big thing with guitars and keyboard and drums (my favorite), and I just really can't do that in the tiny room they are shunting us off into. *sigh* I feel like the music program is really getting the shaft here, and I just want to quit. Hopefully I will be more positive after rehearsal tonight!

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