Sunday, June 3, 2007

big gig

Well, as I was tootling along, playing just because, no real gigs for a few weeks...and suddenly G is sick, and he has a gig which he asked me to play! Tomorrow morning at 9am - over an hour from my house, and it is all sight reading with the BIG symphony quintet! Exciting, scary, intimidating, fun...will my reed be ok??? Mostly I think I'll be ok - it is a children's concert, and the rest of them have done it amillion times, but I will be reading all the stuff. Mostly excerpts from Pictures, but then there will be the "this is the oboe" speech (short) and a couple of this is what the oboe sounds like excerpts that are supposed to be be memory. I had to pick up the music from G (there and back = 1 hour), and arrange for babysitting, etc etc, so I haven't really had time to freak out properly, hopefully I will wait until afterwards. I am excited to play with these really great musicians though - I'm sure they will help me along!

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