Sunday, June 3, 2007

Seems like time is flying by - I have actually practiced every day this week and went to the gym (although the eating part is not so good!). I downloaded a freebee version of Finale (way watered down) and was able to transpose the clarinet part to C for the Mozart clarinet concerto. Our section clarinets are in need of help, and my sight-transposing stinks. I did try! But this is much better.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a lesson with G, apparently he has a gig at our usual time. I know he isn't interested in playing with the little symphony, but I feel badly because he doesn't get to play very often with the big symphony (utility oboe). Now that we get paid, it might become more interesting to him, but I don't think it is enough pay. But I love getting to play principle - I feel like I'm getting away with something because it is so fun!

My student had her band concert on Friday, I took D. As soon as we got there the power went out, and after a few minutes they decided to hold the concert outside! The band was ok, but the choir had their accompaniment cd stuck in the player, with no power to get it out! Hahaha, that'll show em to use live musicians. They didn't even do anything complex - I'm sure there were students who could have played the piano part. *sigh* But my student did great - even with her old reed (we have a lesson this week). There were a few solos, and I'm so proud - she's only been playing about 18 months, with 8 months of lessons, and she's off to the state university in the fall to study oboe!

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