Monday, June 4, 2007


We also do this really cool gig in July that is called the Fireworks concert - they hire the original instrumentation for the Fireworks Music (Handel) which is 20-24 oboes, 16 or so bassoons, 8 horns, 8 picc trumpets, serpent and ophiclide (sp?) and various timpani. They always play the Fireworks music at the end of the concert, with actual fireworks shot off in tempo (more or less) which is so cool. But the first half of the concert (which takes place on a floating stage in the river, sort of like a nod to the Water Music) we play other pieces, usually from the period but not always that they orchestrate for that group. It is a blast because there are so many double reeds, and no competition since we are all just playing the same part (oboes divide into 3 when there are eh parts, bassoon sometime have 1st and 2nd). The same people sometimes come from the far reaches of the earth (we've had people from Austrailia and Germany) so it is always a great social event.

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