Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Choir party

So my bell choir job is basically over for the summer, just have our end of year picnic to organize...we thought this year it would be fun to have a music picnic instead of just the bell choir, since so many people are involved in both. However, the date we chose (a month ago) is this Saturday, and I STILL have not heard where and when! One of the bell people offered her place, but a vocal person REALLY wanted it at her house (according to the director, I don't know this person even by name) so we were going to have it there after the vocal director checked on times etc. Since then I have left various messages but have heard nothing. I haven't even called the bell people because I didn't want to call with the date and call again with directions, but now I wish I had! Of course I've been gone this weekend too. I just feel badly because probably some people won't be able to come because we weren't organized. Do I really want to do this job again next year??

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