Thursday, June 7, 2007

Marcia Funebre

This is a sad day, our stupid dog slid off her tether and attacked the neighbor's dog again (last time he had a $1200 vet bill). He was pretty mad (understandably) but very understanding...I don't know what else we can do but put her down. She is a nice dog when she's around us, but I guess she must have had some puppyhood trauma or something.

Daniel (5) seems to be taking it ok, I told him Bella was not able to be around other dogs, and maybe people too, so she would have to go away. I don't like glossing over death, but in this circumstance (where we are essentially going to be responsible for her death) I think it best. We will still have our other dog Donna, who is just a big old softie.

I guess as responsible dog owners, you have to take do the right thing for society even if it means the dog has to go. Sad sad sad.

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