Friday, June 8, 2007


Scrambling to get out the door this morning, I want to practice for an hour, then go to the gym and leave from there. It is about a 6 hour drive to my mom's house, so not a horrible drive but you notice it.

Picked up music for my orchestra last night - we're actually doing some fun stuff for the "symphony on the sand" concert. NOT looking forward to playing on a beach, but if the weather is perfect it could be fun. I'm hoping we do all of William Tell, we did it for a children's concert a few years ago and only did the loud part. I'm guessing we will do it all, but we are skipping the slow mvt of the Schumann 1st Symphony (which we did on our May concert). Of course, that mvt is as long as the whole W.T. so who knows. Can't wait to get back for that, keep forgetting that on Monday (same day I drive back) I have a band concert! I suppose I should get excited for that too, but I'm just glad it will be over and I get my Monday nights back.

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