Monday, June 4, 2007


I think it was somewhat unclear in my posts yesterday, I got a call at 8:30pm from G asking if I was available for a gig this morning - mere hours away! Anyway, I guess I pulled it off with all the "gods of the symphony", as my husband put it. They were all very nice and although I had a few "whoops" moments it went very well overall. The biggest thing was in the second concert I got water in the keys (very typical oboe problem, makes it sound like you are gargling while playing). Of course there is nothing you can do if you are playing, and the first I knew was when we played William Tell - the oboe has the trumpet part for the first 16 bars and it is mostly all one note, and of course that was THE gurgley note. Oh well, the kids probably didn't notice and the other players know that isn't my fault!

Now I feel like laying around the house. It is very humid and overcast today, supposed to thunderstorm tonight. We have community band tonight, will be my last rehearsal before the concert so I guess I better shape up! And tomorrow we start summer orchestra rehearsals, I'm excited to see everyone again. After our concert at the end of this month we have until the middle of August off, but I'm doing a show (Puttin it Together, Sondheim) in July so I have a lot going on.

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