Tuesday, June 19, 2007

summer dayz

Seems like there is less to blog about these days. But for the update: Choir party was great, the house was just off the lake and PartyLady had just had her landscaping done - complete with a beautiful waterfall/walk-in pond. It was all huge boulders (no visible lining)and about the size of a large hot tub with seats and steps made out of boulders. D and the other kids started by dipping toes, and ended by being completely soaked. Not many people from the bell choir were there, just us and the K's, but we'll do something in the fall and hopefully more can come.

Orchestra tonight, I haven't been playing much. Too much socializing! But I realize we are playing this weekend - so I need to get it together. William T is long, I need to work out the breathing better. I am still basically sight-reading it; what IS my problem??? After this I have a couple of weeks until Puttin It Together starts, but I'd better be ready for serious playing by then.

I have been going to the gym religiously, 5 days last week. I still don't do much outside of the gym, today I have a session with the trainer. She wants me to do exercises morning and night, and I just don't want to. La! Also eating is problematic as I eat everything. But I'm doing better, just have to keep that in mind.

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