Wednesday, March 12, 2008

concert week

Tonight we have orchestra, which is weird (usually Thursdays) but this week is our Friday concert (also weird, but apparently this Saturday in March is always booked in our hall). So! I thought about cancelling bell choir, but I got a sub instead (kinda worried about it) since we are playing this Sunday! I will go over and set up ahead of time, I can't believe I do all this stuff - no one else would. grump grump grump

D wants to go to the concert Friday, could be interesting. He has ice skating that afternoon so maybe I can convince him to take a nap? hahaha.

I am so excited because the contractor for Summer Theater called and asked me to play all three shows!!!! I think I will try to do 2 of them, it would be fun in some ways to do all three, but that is kind of a ridiculous amount of time, and we couldn't leave at all during the summer then (10 weeks). But I'm so happy to be asked. And for sure I am doing Les Miserables. AND our pay went up this year!

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