Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well, thank God that is over! Sunday was a very long day...first we lost an hour with daylight savings, so delightful. I got to church without being too late - and Gabriel's Oboe actually got a command second performance from the pulpit (my first requested encore, I'm so proud). It actually sounded pretty good I think, although I wish I had had a bit stronger reed. But I won't complain as my pink jobbie got me through the whole day without major mishap! The trio was great, my low Cs both came out respectably, and I think we were in tune. It was decided that we should be known as the Paid Musical Staff (or PMS, for reasons you can ponder), it was great to play with my cohorts (cello and violin).

Then we had a rehearsal with a new member who joined the bell choir about a month ago, turns out she has a degree from SanFran Conservatory in Voice. She agreed to do a Bach Cantata (#21, it's the one about sighing, weeping, wailing dying or whatever, I can never remember all the words!) which I wanted to do for Good Friday (very depressing, perfect oboe stuff). She was amazing, and had her part down cold. I think it will be great, although I'm sure the pastor and most of the congregation will love Gabriel's Oboe much more...oh well.

Then off to Whitworth for the college orchestra, they were short an oboe so I was playing second on this concert. Nothing huge for me, their young artist winners were performing (1st of Tchaik Vln, and 3rd of Mozart Pno #?, can't remember) Also a piece by a student composer (not bad, I played EH), and the Egmont Overture. That was fun, I actually don't think I've ever played it!

Then back to church where I drove in just as the touring bell choir pulled up! Such timing. My bell choir ladies (of course it was all the girls) were all busy setting up dinner, which I thought was great although as always there was a ton of food. The church sound guy actually came and volunteered his time to set up some mics and stuff for the vocal quartet, which turned out to have piano accompaniment! Argh. I thought they were acapella, and unfortunately the piano was way too loud, but there wasn't really much to be done at such a late date. It was still ok, but I felt bad they boys had to sing under weird circumstances. I guess that is what touring is all about! But the sad thing was we really didn't get a very good response from the area ringers - our church came out in pretty good numbers, but I realized I hadn't put the concert info up on the radio stations or web calendars, I think I did that last time and I guess that was the difference. Of course, that was a professional group, and this was a HS tour, but they did a pretty impressive job and I was sad more people didn't come.

This morning I had a session with the mysterious G - he fixed two reeds up for me and we played Daphnis and Chloe - I had no idea the wind parts were such a technical nightmare! When you listen to it they really don't stand out, and I've never played it, but holy cow!!!! I will get out my Orch Excerpts CD and print those parts, not that I'm likely to play it anytime soon. It has all the winds playing these 12-tuplets which are weird descending 3rds, 4ths, 5ths (no real pattern) and then a weird up arpeggio; fortunately repeated for many bars (instead of all different weird stuff!). But then you turn the page and it's a different key, goes on for pages like that. And the second part plays alone much of the time, would really love to hear them play this as the two oboes are so well matched I'm sure no one will be able to tell it's not one person. But this is also our concert week, so cramming in one more thing may be impossible. At least this weekend is over!

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