Saturday, March 15, 2008

Romanian Rhapsody!

Last night was our Young Artist's concert - I am always amazed at the people who win these contests....really GREAT talent, coming to CDA from all over the US! And I think our "prize" is only $500, what a deal for us. Anyway, all the soloists (6!) were fab, I especially liked the high school pianist who played Rach 1 and the violinist who did Tchaik. The tenor was also amazing, I guess he goes down to Santa Barbara in the summers, so I won't be seeing him as Marius this summer (too bad!). And the flutist (no flauts here) was amazing although the orchestra didn't do as well on the Nielson (my part was easy), and the sopranos were both great too!

The Enesco was the best we had done it, Phil (asst. conductor) did a great job of conducting. It was finally at tempos I thought were exciting all the way through, but I'll have to listen to the CD. Andy stepped up to concertmaster for that one (since Phil is usually CM), he also did a fine job.
The beginning with all the solo winds was super, although I felt bad for oboe 2 as her reed was just not working. I wish she would get some new ones from G (the mysterious G), I know she is not making them herself but the ones she is playing on are more than a year old. Sort of weird, but I'm not sure if I should say anything. Definately not a money problem. But the best reed motivation I EVER had was after a dress rehearsal in Tacoma Symphony when Dan Williams (1st oboe) told me I had better come up with a good reed, after I'd been complaining about how bad my reeds were, and why I couldn't come in softly and in tune blah blah blah. I stayed up making reeds til the wee hours, and then next day he gave me some of my most treasured praise when he said my reed sounded better than his! (he was my oboe idol) So maybe I should say something. argh.

After the concert, there is always a meet and greet thing; and it turns out the soprano from Olympia's mother and father are both oboists! It was so fun to talk to them (especially since the mom was very complimentary!) and I had no idea Oly had an actual symphony now. A group had just started (Olympia Chamber Orchestra) about 15 years ago, I was a charter member - same time I was in Tac Symph. They knew a lot of the people I knew from that time in my life, fun to reminisce.

This morning my student has her solo and ensemble time at 8AM (!) so I'm meeting her at 7:40. The pianist played flute in the orchestra last night too, so we are both going to be tired, but at least I don't have to play. She is doing the Schumann #1, and I'm so proud of her progress from a beginner just last year. I just love how teaching brings back musical moments for me, this is her first real performance, although of course there will probably just be me, the pianist, the judge (maybe 2), and her parents. But it is a big deal. I am (now) grateful to my mom and teacher for "forcing" me to play every year for contest, and at church and recitals and all that.

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