Monday, March 17, 2008

movies - nothing to do with oboes!

Ok, now that I survived another week of insanity we watched a bunch of movies. This is Jim's favorite activity (espcially on the giant screen). I THOUGHT 300 was something highly recommended, and we had seen "300 Spartans" which was ok - kind of an epic story. But I thought this was the new and improved version. SO NOT TRUE. This is THE WORST MOVIE EVER. I can't believe I actually paid money for it; at the end it says "based on the graphic novel", which might have clued me in (not that ALL graphic novels are terrible). Anyway, blood, gore, no plot (or rather, they ruined the plot), stupid acting, more blood, slow blood spatter on camera lens, then fake bloody head hits camera, you get the gist. yuk

Then we watched "The Holiday", which was totally different, and we both liked it. Good date kind of movie. Also, Jack Black raves about the music from "the Mission" - we all know he means Gabriel's Oboe! Love Jude Law and rest of cast. Very nice, I'd recommend it.

Then I watched "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" I had read the book years ago and it was great. I had always meant to get the movie but never did - DiCaprio is AMAZING in his role as the mentally retarded brother, and Johnny Depp (always wonderful) is just that. The cast was great and they stayed very true to the flavor of the book (I guess the author wrote the screenplay, always nice) This was the best movie I have seen in years. Highly recommended, but not good for casual dating (too much kleenex, watch this one at home)

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