Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We had another PDQ rehearsal last night - the guy is so clever! I am really excited for this concert although it worries me that next week is spring break (so no rehearsals), and the following week is the concert! Most of this stuff is very playable, but we are suffering from "lack of rehearsal participation". I HATE when they get people to play that can only come to one rehearsal (when there are 5, for example). We are still getting over the desperation to just have enough bodies - and they take the principle players no matter what. Grrrr. It wastes my time, and everyone else's when people don't show up.

On that same line, they never gave me a rehearsal schedule either (just vague Tuesdays and concert date). I can come all the Tuesdays, but there is a Wednesday rehearsal I will have to miss, and a Friday rehearsal I just found out about! That is just stupid and unprofessional. Apparently they are trying to do the right thing, and SOME people got a printed rehearsal schedule, but none of the winds did.

Nuff said.

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