Sunday, March 30, 2008

Doc at the Fox

We are excited to go see Doc Severenson with the symphony this afternoon - and we got comps!! Yay. Our neighbors will go too, and best of all their 15 year old boy will watch D while we're out. Then we will all come back and have spaghetti. Such a day.
Heard the show is fabulous - someone told me Doc is at least 82 years old?! Can that be right? If so (and even if it's not) he sounds amazing. I also got the scoop that they are playing (eeek) Gabriel's Oboe. *sigh* But I'm sure it will be fun, and it is in the great new (old refurbished) hall, first time the neighbors have been there. Will report later.

We had orchestra Thursday - not a bad rehearsal, Firebird is coming along and the premeir promises to be better than expected; the story behind the music is the Sunshine Mine disaster where 91 miners died about 40 years ago. I had no idea he was doing a programmatic work, this is by far the most powerful thing this composer has done since I have been aware of him. (usually he arranges stuff for us and leaves out the oboes and bassoons. I may have to re-evaluate though, he has several lovely oboe solos in this)

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