Wednesday, April 9, 2008

long break

I haven't posted for ages, mostly because I just haven't been playing! We had spring break last week and I had every intention of working on reeds, practicing etc, but I didn't. Oh well. Now back in the groove - we had PDQ Bach tonight.

The hall we are playing in is an old church, and it is REALLY live. Scary live. NOT good to hear words over an orchestra. So, hopefully they will think of things to make it better. I am bringing all my little kitchen rugs for the winds to put under our chairs! The narrator (for Oedipus Tex) is great, he really has his part down. But he kinda has to as he won't be at the dress rehearsal. Oedipus has a nice voice but he didn't know his part as well - but this is the first time through with orchestra, and I don't think the conductor had ever heard the singers before! Eek. The lady doing the staging is terrific though, I've worked with her many times and she really knows how to put on a show. So I feel good about that.

The chamber stuff I am somewhat worried about - we need more rehearsals. We are apparently going to leave DURING the opera rehearsal and practice (in the NOT AT ALL soundproof upstairs room) for the various chamber stuff. But I'm sure it will all come together at the end.

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