Friday, April 18, 2008

more firebird and lesson gripes

Well, I thought I had the perfect reed, but apparently not!

Last night I was rushing around and dropping D off with daddy so I could get to the lesson I teach right before orchestra, and my student sleeps through the lesson. Literally - when they weren't there I called and apparently her dad forgot today was lesson day and so did she (and this girl is 16, not 9). They pay by the month, so at least I'm not out cash, but this is so annoying; and I would have WAY rather had my hour back! This is the second time that has happened. There are only two lessons left this year anyway, but maybe I won't teach at all next year.

Rehearsal went ok - oboes 3 and 4 (eh) will hopefully come next week (and until the concert May 3). Oboe 2 has some serious woodshedding to do. Doubt she will, but she is very nice. She left at the break because she didn't have much on the 2nd half, mostly doubled parts. Can't say I really blame her, but it doesn't seem like she is that committed to playing. Once I hacked my perfect reed it played ok, the weather is making me crazy. And it is supposed to snow again! argh. My big solo in the firebird is actually a duet with the viola! What is that??!!! I couldn't even tell she was playing (and this woman is no shrinking viole(t))

This Sunday I'm playing eh in church, we decided that Satie Gymnopede #1(not as famous) from the Thomas Stacy book, and some organ thing H had. Also some hymns I suppose. I am somewhat crushed as it appears that H is leaving soon, artistic differences with the pastor I think mostly. So who knows what that means for the bell choir (not good I imagine) and of course all the fun solo opportunities could be over. Of course they might get someone who utilizes oboes and actual music (as opposed to the endless 3 note praise song), but I'm not holding my breath...

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