Sunday, April 13, 2008

And now the Spring Ring!

Argh. One more thing! At least more poor dead oboe reeds can rest for a day while I order the bells around! I have no idea what will happen today (stress!) but we are going abuot 30 miles to a mass ring situation. I guess most of the choirs will also ring a solo, but not us. We don't even know the music for the massed pieces, but hopefully it will be a good learning situation for everyone.

It is so much harder to be in charge of everything (at least I'm not in charge of the whole concert). Organizing the equipment moving (TONS for bells), carpools, maps for everyone, schedules, etc. And the inevitable, "Oh, is that THIS week? I'm going out of town..." It really makes me appreciate DD and Dr. P (with the orchestra). What a nightmare, although the orchestra is a bit more professional about it all, there are 70 people! I only have to deal with 12 (10, wait, now 8...sigh)

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