Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Concert week!

Seems like this is the big week! I have three concerts this weekend (all different) - starting with Firebird, then the bells and finally the college orchestra. Bells sounded good tonight - they are such fun people to work with. This will be our last full bell performance before summer - I have 4 people who want to learn some advanced techniques and they will do a quartet in a few more weeks.

The musical B&tB seems to have gone away - I never was able to reach the director, so I called my bassoony friend and told him the extra week of shows was just not going to work for me. I did have a very good lead for him on another oboist, and several other ideas if she wasn't able to, but unfortunately I had to leave a message. I hated being so impersonal (this person is in a fragile emotional state) but he was going to show up at bell rehearsal with music, and I really didn't want him to drive all out of his way and THEN find out I was blowing him off. I worry about these things, but I'm sure it will work out better for them with the other person (who will do it for free).

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