Saturday, April 12, 2008

more PDQ

Tonight is the concert! We have a sitter, and J is actually going. Hopefully we will not suck. That is my goal! I feel really underprepared for this - and I'm sure I'm not alone. The parts are not hard at all (although there is a high G in the Fuga Meshuga) but the "staging" is a huge thing.

Dress rehearsal actually went pretty well (bad sign?!!), but everyone is tired from having late rehearsals and driving so far. I am actually one of the closest with only a 40 min commute - our bassoonist has nearly 2 hours! AND she just found out she is pregnant (yay JY!) - really hard on her with all the up and down stuff in the fugue.

I feel bad for Dr.P, he seems overwhelmed by the whole thing - so many details and really no help. We have no stage crew, someone has to introduce all the pieces (in the absence of PDQ himself - the intros are very important to the schtick). He actually asked me to play with his college orchestra (2nd oboe) in May - it is the day after our Firebird concert but that should be ok. And of course I get paid, better than for our orchestra! Not that money is why I play, but it sure is nice sometimes.

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