Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today it snowed. Again. And it is snowing again now. *sigh*
This morning I played eh for church - actually I was quite pleased with how we sounded. Since my oboe reeds suck I guess karma steps in and this old eh reed just worked great. And even though the church is VERY dry, for some reason where I was standing it was really nice, with just a bit of ring to the sound. yay.

AND I even practiced the oboe a bit today. Will be playing 2nd on the moldau and a Bruchner piece. Fun fun fun - but I rake in the bucks for that! Actually I do like playing with the various college orchestras, but I wish this one wasn't the day after our orchestra's finale (of course the college dress is hours before I play Firebird, ah well! The college conductor is our concert master, so I can't really complain to him)

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