Monday, April 28, 2008

Slings & Arrows

I have been watching this series while I tread. I had never heard of it, but if you are in the arts in any capacity it is GREAT! I guess it is a drama/comedy sort of thing, realistic portrayal of behind the scenes at a theater festival in Canada. Complete with an insane (slightly) director, aging diva, slutty ingenue, pure and wholesome understudy, movie star playing Hamlet and a ghost of the artistic director (only seen by slightly insane new director). My favorite people are the horrible arts management people who want to ruin the festival by only focusing on the commercial aspects - that sounds dry but they are EVIL in their hilarious ploys to wreck the show. I "know" all these people and I actually bought the whole series (got them on Netflix first). So, for all my artsy friends, I highly recommend Slings & Arrows.

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