Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Ring

Wow, what a nice experience! I think most of the ringers had a good time, it was MUCH easier to see the conductor, and we were able to spread out in a gym (instead of the narrow church where we couldn't see anything). Not that I usually would advocate playing a concert in a gym, but this was good.

I was sad we didn't get to interact with the other ringers a bit, but everyone is in a hurry. I thought Phyllis Tincher did a great job of getting us as together as posssible - there were 9 bell choirs of 3-6 octaves each (that's about 9-14 ringers in each group). Some of the pieces we all played together had pretty complicated rhythms, and she would slow down (I suppose to accomidate us) not realizing that makes it harder! With huge groups like that I think the best is to NEVER change tempo. Especially with the tiny amount of rehearsal time we had. Oh well, it was fun. I sightread one of the parts so that was challenging for me- must say I did a good job. But who knows if we'll even have a bell choir next year, apparently the woman who usually runs the Spring Ring is in the hospital and will not be in charge anymore. I'm certainly not going to volunteer!

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