Wednesday, April 23, 2008

college job

And now I am sick. Still. And it is supposed to snow today. *sigh*
Last night I played with the college orch, 2nd oboe on this great Bruchner overture I didn't know at all, but it has great parts - 2nd oboe even has a few solos! And the Moldau - no surprises there. Also we are doing some movie music which we didn't get to, that will be mostly doubling. But it is fun to play with the group, and Dr. P does a good job of conducting.

Funny to compare with our orchestra, struggling to better some ways this group was better, at least quieter during tuning and they settled faster after we stopped playing. I am so sick of everyone just blabbing away every time we stop! I do love DDs conducting though, he is very passionate. Dr.P brings a lot to the podium too, but he doesn't inspire in the same way, more delicate and precise. That isn't exactly it, but he's better at baroque/classical music. And KH (other college orch conductor) is mostly great at scheduling - he is mediocre with the stick, but brilliant at getting the most out of rehearsal time. This is a great skill to have, but I love playing for DD (in a MUSICAL sense of course!), and the others are just fun.

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