Monday, April 28, 2008

Musical crap

About 2 months ago, a bassoonist (from my quintet, which hasn't met since our recital a year ago) called about doing Be*uty and the Be*st. This is a great show - and I've done it twice before, but they wanted a gratis performance. So I said, I really at least need gas money, and gave them a price per service, which was rejected. I forgot all about it until Saturday, when E called and said he wanted to distribute music at my bell rehearsal! Music for what, I asked. He goes on about B&tB, saying I had confirmed that I would play (which I NEVER would do, he hadn't even given me dates) and that he had talked to the director and she was going to pay me out of her own pocket!

This seems ridiculous to me, I would not consider the oboe part worth more than any other part! But he also didn't have exact dates (I looked online and there are SEVEN performances, he told me three on one weekend!!). I said I might be able to if he could get me dates and times, and he did call back tonight with the new information about 2 weeks of shows instead of one...and he had no idea if the director was thinking to pay me per service or a flat fee. This is so stupid, I don't even want to do this! I feel bad for them, but I think they should be looking for HS students and community band people - who would love to do the show for free (most of the other parts are being covered by youth orchestra people and such). So tomorrow I will call the director and try to sort this out. What a nightmare.

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