Sunday, October 21, 2007

Amazing grace!

Wow, the bells actually sounded pretty good today! I was really worried but they pulled together and it was lovely. I guess I am just stressing about all the stuff going on - I actually forgot I have to play Scheherazade tomorrow - not a big part but I have to show up! And of course we have to find someplace to park D, I think he will just go to Jim's rehearsal with a color book - thank god we are at the point where he kind of entertains himself. I feel kind of badly because he will be up later and there is school, but that is the way it goes. If we get a sitter, we would be out $20 plus the extra 2 hours of my time driving to get her, driving to my house, going home, and driving her home! Big pain. One of my oboe blogger friends is having a baby and I know her folks don't live close, so I hope she has sitters lined up! That was the biggest problem we faced, finding good sitters so we CAN still play.

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patty said...

Oh I DO remember the "sitter days" ... my husband was stage manager of the symphony for a time, so we had to use sitters constantly. There was always the worry of them being late, too. (They always came to our house, we didn't pick them up.) And the expense was horrible as well. Sitters in our area are costly. I did like the fact, though, that I was almost always home during the day with our children.

I'm glad I'm done with figuring out what to do with kiddos. Hope you can muddle through! :-)