Thursday, October 11, 2007

concert week!

Tonight was our last rehearsal before dress - went ok. I made a few stupid mistakes, but overall everything went fine. This is the concert with the Brahms Double (nothing much for me - lovely soloists), the Haydn SYmphony 101 (clock, I actually have 2 really ALONE solos, very nice, easy; however I did play in the wrong key twice) and the R-K Procession of the Nobles (we finally had harp and all SIX horns- sounds great!)

Anyway, it is really fun carpooling home with M (clarinet and my college roommate), her husband plays bass trombone so he leaves after 1/2 hour and we go on for the rest. She meets him anyway after work at my exit so it works out perfectly for me to take her to her car. We have been listening to different versions of the Enescu Romanian Rhapsody #1 (which we play in March)...big clarinet and oboe thing at the beginning.

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