Friday, October 19, 2007


This week has been insanely busy...but more about that later (and probably mostly on my other blog). For now I will just say our first rehearsal for the Dec concert was great - we are doing Lt. Kije suite (fun fun) and a piece by my friend Brent that will be a world premier - it is his piano concerto, very Gershwiny and he will be the pianist! Sounds great - and he put in some lovely oboe bits (I'm sure just for me!). We are also doing Russian Christmas music by Reed but we didn't get to it, has big EH solos which I have decided to play (I love being in charge). I figure while our orchestra is little and they let us make these decisions, I will just play the good stuff!

Tonight we are going to see the big symphony play Verdi's Requiem - love that piece, I have sung it but never played. Our first tpt player (in the little orch) will be one of the many extra brass players offstage, and I know a lot of the symphony people so that makes it even more fun.

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