Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New stuff

Not much to report on the Little Orchestra front - we did get to Russian Xmas Music this time and I am happy to have chosen the EH part. K (our new 2nd oboe) did a fine job on the 1st part, as expected. And L (student who played 2nd on last concert) even has a little solo on the 2nd part - she is playing vln on rest of concert. Glad the oboe section seems to be settling in.

The insane birthday party weekend (for my son) was all weekend so I didn't even practice - that will all be on the other blog if you're interested.

Monday I played principal for University Orchestra (where I have usually come in at the end to play EH). They are playing Suppe's Morning Noon and Night overture and Beethoven Piano Conc #5. Also Mozart 39, but of course we don't play that. It was ok, and the conductor is a MARVEL of organization. But the pitch was just awful, and I felt really weird in this sea of squawking, this will make me appreciate my other gig! It is only until December as their regular principal is having a baby.

In other oboe related news, I got my old teacher's Laubin oboe back. Janet Brackett was my first teacher, and her husband gave me this oboe when she died. I have never played it much, it was out of adjustment. But is seems delightful now - these are highly in demand oboes, and the repair guy was very impressed. There does seem to be a bit of binding in the low c#, but after 20 years of sitting there will be some oddities. But it plays great, and I would use it in the symphony (if I played it a bit more to get the tuning - it is different than my Loree!)

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