Friday, October 5, 2007


One of my blogging friends has a comment about how audiences perceive art, including music, and whether creators do or should change the art to satisfy a viewer/listener. ( Wow! Great subject, and since I can't seem to comment on her site (my problem) I will expound here.

When I was a full time graphic designer, it would totally crush me if I made some beautiful poster or brochure concept and the client didn't like it, especially if I had had a "vision" . Sometimes the idea would just come to me, and I knew just what to do (sadly, the client didn't always realize this). But it was really different for me than playing. When I play the oboe in the orchestra, I just try to get as close to what I think the "perfect" rendition of the piece would be, at least the oboe part. But I don't have control over so many things, like tempos, what the other sections are doing, even my reed squawking (although you could argue I should have made a better reed...)

I guess really when I'm making a piece of art, I am trying to get as close to the "perfect" vision I get in my head. So now that I've thought about it, it is more the same than I was aware. But I still have way more control over things in the graphics arena than the music arena, even when (maybe especially when) I did a solo concerto - I couldn't practice and make the various instruments sound better, or the tuning in the orchestra better, or the individuals be able to play more cleanly.


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