Sunday, October 7, 2007

I actually practiced both oboe and EH today (!) AND I finished those 2 reeds for my lesson tomorrow! Yay. Since I teach myself I have extreme guilt if I'm not actually prepared when I go play for G. So I'm feeling pretty good - tomorrow I go to college orchestra to play the 2nd mvt of Scheherazade (spell that, whatever!) on EH - I've never done this piece but it should be fun. Their concert is the 22nd and I will also play for the dress. Any EHers out there who have comments on this piece I would love to hear about it.

I even worked on our music for orchestra - the only challenging thing is R-Ks Proc of the Nobles. Doesn't SEEM hard, but there are a few tricky exposed things which I really don't want to mess up in the name of "I'm too cool to practice this potboiler". Some of those potboiler pieces are really hard (eg: Sorcerer's Apprentice, NASTY, but fortunately not too exposed)


patty said...

I can't remember that there's anything to worry about in the Scheherazade ... is there? It's been a while, but I remember maybe one solo that sort of plays itself.

Could be wrong, though ... The OLD Brain! ;-)

(You always have me wondering WHO is G?! Maybe fill me in privately sometime? A hint? Should I know who this is?)

Jillian said...

I'm playing that this week actually! Really not a hard part for EH. Just watch for key signature changes and a few accidentals that carry through the bar (must keep telling myself that). If this were on an audition, I'd also recommend really knowing where the solo ends and your role as accompanist resumes...well, you should know that outside of auditions too. :) Only a couple of exposed bits for EH. 3rd mvt, not 2nd.