Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another openin

Today is the big day - opening night of Madama Butterfly! Ugh - I am tired already, but the dress went pretty well overall. I MUST find a better reed, I have one lovely low register one, but it gets wonkky if I play loudly higher (which I have to do a lot) or one that sounds great in the solos but lets me down big time on the low parts (when I should sound like an EH) Stupid reeds.

There were a couple of scary places where we were off from the stage, but it all worked out. David is great at letting you know where we are. And we had a sub for the bassoon part last night (reg bsn was leading her pep band for Homecoming!) and the sub did a great job! Not as much pressure as doing an actual show, but still it is so hard to follow all the changes; and no one bothered to tell her about a cut in act 1! But she was a trooper and got back on. And tonight we'll have our super bassoon goddess back.

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