Thursday, September 27, 2007


We had regular orchestra rehearsal tonight, nice easy rehearsal compared to the torture of the opera! I love doing the opera, but it is a challenge. And tonight was actually more fun than I had anticipated. We are doing the Haydn Clock Symphony, which actually has some good oboe stuff, glad I'm playing 1st though. The 2nd has to count about 80000 rests. Along with the other winds except the 1st flute who has a great part. Ah well, the flute always has a great part (except in the Bizet Symphony #1 - now THAT is an oboe symphony for sure)

My wrist is a bit sore, I probably should have used a strap tonight. I don't like to use it for concerts but will for rehearsals if I am playing so much I am sore. I'm such a delicate flower! And my lip is hurting too, I seem to have a sharp place on my front tooth. But I found a great reed (which I made myself, thank you!) so all is well in the world.

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