Wednesday, September 5, 2007

why why why????

Why do I always put things off until the last minute??? I am scrambling to get music ready for bells tonight, but I just got the hymns for Sunday yesterday, so that part I couldn't have done ahead. I think I have some stuff to read for Sept 23 (coming right up) - we play about once a month.

I really must get a new version of Finale/Sibelius, don't laugh but I have Finale 1.0 - I don't know how many iterations it has gone through, but my copy is on floppy disks! I know we DO have computers (yes, plural) that could run that program, but I just don't want to deal with getting them running, and figuring out how to hook them to the printer/internet etc. Jim saves EVERYTHING, but the fact is I would rather buy new software than deal with the old!

The reason I need an engraving program is just to print quickie parts for accompaning praise songs (retch) and if hymns are too hard to simplify them - for instance this week we will just play chords on beats one and three - so much easier especially since it is our first week back. And of course I have no idea how many people will be there (rather important for bells! Most of my ringers are 2-bell people, so they would ring two consecutive notes on the scale (like D and E on the bottom of the treble clef) along with any accidentals on those notes. When ringers get more advanced, they can cover more notes depending on the music. Really great ringers (like Campanile) don't ring consecutive notes, they figure out what works best and just split up the parts. WAY beyond my choir (and me!) Although I did ring a duet last year and it would be fun to do a solo (easy!) sometime, now that I am loaded with free time. hahaha

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